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About Us

About Us  Our Shop Plazma Lab Cz, was born from a meeting with the Plazma Lab Crew at Fusion Festival in Germany and Hungary OZORA fest, where for 5 running years Plazma bus has toured European.  At first we brought from Tel-Aviv a few samples, which met here with enthusiastic responses from our friends and acquaintances. Soon after we got opportunity from Cross club to get an available room on the second floor, following several months of intense work, we have opened in 11th May 2010 the Plazma Lab Shop & Showroom.

Our goal is to enrich the Czech street wear scene, bringing a cloths line inspired by both nature and urban culture, and is inextricably linked with the futuristic and funky design, digital artists from around the world - combined in one brand - Plazma.Lab.

And since 2014 we are avilable only online :)



Omri Goz


IC: 74863932

U havlickovych sadu 5


120 00


Mobile: Karin - +420 604 908 659